Airfield & Pilot Information

Hunsdon Airfield is located just off the A414 between Harlow, Essex & Ware, Hertfordshire on the B180.

Co-ordinates for pilots are N51°48.42', E000°04.27'


A link to a map of our location is below:-


Google Maps map of Hunsdon & Airfield

PPR is ESSENTIAL for ALL visiting aircraft


This is because Hunsdon is INSIDE the Stansted CTR & TMZ 2 & operates under a Letter Of Agreement (LOA) with NATS. A condition of the LOA is that visiting pilots obtain PPR & a full briefing. Do NOT land at Hunsdon unless you have positive permission & instructions from a club officer (see the contacts page) - leaving a message on any answerphone is NOT sufficient, even if you are familiar with the airfield & have landed there before.

Aircraft without a mode S transponder may visit Hunsdon, but must follow a very specific routing & height whilst  inside the TMZ. Instructions & options will be given with PPR. If you have a mode S transponder, you may follow the normal requirements of the TMZ until on approach to Hunsdon, then squawk 7010 (set to ALT). This tells Essex Radar you will be operating in to / out of Hunsdon. Transponder equipped aircraft must still PPR as Hunsdon is INSIDE the Stansted CTR.


Call a club officer for PPR

Visitors landing fee is £4

Pilots should note the circuit diagram below & notes as follows:-



ALL approaches from the south of the airfield @ max. 900' AMSL (set altimeter to Stansted QNH), or 650' above airfield level (QFE = Stansted QNH - 9 mb). Check Stansted ATIS 127.175

NO training circuits by non-club students

Avoid pink hatched areas

Do NOT EVER fly East of the power lines running North/South along the Eastern edge of the airfield, or North of Marshland Wood, due to Stansted CTR.

Remain clear of Hunsdon to the West, Hunsdonbury & all settlements. Glide descents whenever possible.

Broadcast intentions "blind" on SafetyCom 135.480 MHz in accordance with CAP 413

Note tight circuit patterns (ref. points in YELLOW) & please use them - high performance microlights may find final approaches to 08 & 32 challenging!


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