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Hunsdon Microlight Club was established in its current form on 1st October 2007. The aim of the club is to promote enjoyable, safe & responsible microlight flying, especially in Hertfordshire & Essex, and to maintain the microlight airfield at Hunsdon Lodge Farm, Hunsdon, Hertfordshire.

The club operates on a not-for-profit basis, with the flying training operations handled separately by the flying instruction team .

We welcome membership enquiries from all qualified & student microlight pilots. Please see the contacts & training pages.

Hunsdon microlight airfield has three runways in a triangle formation (see the airfield information page). This allows 6 choices of take off & landing direction which enables pilots to cope with more varied wind conditions than is possible at many microlight strips. The approaches are easy & unobstructed, and all this makes Hunsdon a perfect place to learn to fly microlights,

Outside parking is available for 3 axis microlights. Semi-rigged storage may be available for flexwing microlights.  We also have cheaper storage available for fully de-rigged (wing dismantled & folded away in its bag) flexwings. Contacts are here to find out more.

Current membership rates ( form 1st January 2023) are:-

Basic flying club membership:- £60 per 1/4 year. Free landings & use of airfield facilities. Payable by all members, including students.


In ADDITION to the basic membership charge, hangarage charges for members aircraft are:-

De-rigged Flexwing:- £50 per 1/4 year. Storage of one fully de-rigged flexwing aircraft (special rate to enable affordable flying)

Semi/Fully Rigged Flexwing (barns area) / 3-axis (outside or in owners hangar):- £215 per 1/4 year. Storage of one semi or fully rigged flexwing in the Essex barns or one 3-axis aircraft outside or in the owners hangar/trailer

Semi/Fully Rigged Flexwing (rigging area):- £300 per 1/4 year (club facility)

3-axis (club hangar):- £315 per 1/4 year

Membership fees are due on 1st October, 1st January, 1st April & 1st July each year.

Club Notices

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